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Japan Style Deli Service Counter Display Supermarket

Japan Style Deli Service Counter Banner.

Product Description:

★ Easy Loading and Chargement:
Fashionable, convenient and easy to get fresh meet merchandising display effect, good for keeping fresh and moisture;              ★ Easy Operation For Cleaning and Corrosion Resistant:
304 stainless steel used for inner cabinet is corrosion-resistant, easy for cleaning and durable, no contamination for food;        ★ Precise Temperature Control:
Micro computerised digital temperature controller is a energy saving system which makes temperature control precise;          ★ Elegant Appearance: compact structure, practical design application, luxury style;


Item No.               Item Name               Temperature Range            Rated Power            Length             Width              Height


DCN - 040(T)        Deli Service Counter              0 ~ +5 ℃                             600 W                  1950mm          1180mm           1225mm


DCN - 050(T)        Deli Service Counter              0 ~ +5 ℃                             900 W                  2600mm          1180mm           1225mm


DCN - 070(T)        Deli Service Counter              0 ~ +5 ℃                           1500 W                  3850mm          1180mm           1225mm


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