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Annie Street Trolley Vending Vehicle

Annie Vending Head.jpg

Product Description:
Best selling E-Bike frozen vending bicycle, large charging capacity, quick freezing and convenient mobile bicycle vending 

Suitable for ice cream frozen food / sample storage and mobile vending on the street and faraway delivery,


   Item Code             Item Name             Main Material              Colour                      Length              Width(D)                Height

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-         Annie A/C           Vending Trolley         PA + Rolled Steel     Black/Blue/Yellow          1200mm               870mm                 2360mm


   Annie B               Vending Trolley         PA + Rolled Steel     Black/Blue/Yellow          1600mm               870mm                 2360mm


Product Features: E-Bicycle Tri Wheel Frozen Storage Vending Bike, large charging capacity, quick freezing system

Product Frozen Storage Volumn: 81L  /  230L  /  144L

Freezing Duration Time: 6 ~8h

Freezing Temperature: -18℃ ~ -20℃              

Driving Battery: 60V 45Ah

E-Bicycle Available Journey: 20 ~ 30km

Customized Manufacturing Service for bicycle style, appearance design, color and logo


Package & Shipping

MOQ Wholesale:  200 ~ 580 Sets

Factory Output Capacity:  12000 Sets / Month

Standard Brown Carton + built-in styrofoam protection (customized color carton requires additional charge)

Wood Packing Size: 3100 × 1800 × 1700 mm,  Gross Weight: 276.4kg

Delivery Time: 30 days / 1000 Sets, 50 days / 5000 Sets, 60 days / 10000 Sets

Loading 20/40GP FCL Shipment: N/A, 40HQ FCL Shipment: 580 Sets.


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