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Island Display Freezer Horizontal Sliding Showcase Supermarket

Island Freezer H Sliding Banner.jpg

Product Description:

★ Super Storage Capacity:
Ultra wide cabinet body inside with freezing air convection and independent super larger storage volume;                                      ★ Free Assembled Altitude of Grid Structure Shelves:
Free assembled altitude of multilayer grid shelves to meet different products display effect requirements;                                    ★ Larger Display Area Transparent Glass Window:
Cabinet with all wide-sight window design, highly outstands frozen food merchandising appearance to attract customers;          ★ Precise Temperature Control:
Micro computerised multi-function temperature controller solves the frost blocking problem, ensures precise and even storage temperature inside;


Item No.               Item Name             Temperature Range          Rated Power            Length                Width              Height


DCN - A19         Freezer Head End              -18 ~ -21 ℃                          550 W                  1870mm               876mm             837mm


DCN - A15         Freezer Straight                -18 ~ -21 ℃                           500 W                  1450mm               876mm             837mm


DCN - A21         Freezer Straight                -18 ~ -21 ℃                           600 W                  2115mm               876mm             837mm


DCN - A25         Freezer Straight                -18 ~ -21 ℃                           800 W                  2502mm               876mm             837mm


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