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Chocolate Merchandising Display Retailing Showcase

Chocolate Display Banner.jpg

Product Description:

★ Interior and exterior covered with stainless steel, safe and clean; Digital thermometer display and control;                         ★ Four wheels, two of them with brake, double door structure; 
Free assembled altitude of multideck shelves to meet different products display effect requirements;                                   ★ Larger Display Area Transparent Glass Window:
Cabinet with all wide-sight window design, highly outstands frozen food merchandising appearance to attract customers;     ★ Forced air circulated type is used for frozen food, dairy and other packaged products;  
Micro computerised multi-function temperature controller solves the frost blocking problem, ensures precise and even storage temperature inside;


Item No.               Item Name             Temperature Range          Rated Power            Length                Width             Height


DCN - SC15          Chocolate Retailing                     +2 ~ +8 ℃                                 100 W                         415mm                     410mm                345mm


DCN - SC52          Sample Showcase                      +2 ~ +8 ℃                                  100 W                        800mm                     600mm                450mm


DCN - SC98          Chocolate Retailing                    +2 ~ +8 ℃                                  600 W                       1200mm                    600mm              1650mm


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